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Home Maintenance for Fullerton Real Estate? Part 2

Welcome to part two in our series to help home owners maintain their homes.  Fullerton homes are just like homes in any other city. They require periodic maintenance to avoid costly repairs and maintain their value.

  • Landscape Irrigation – It may seem like just a sprinkler system but your subterranean irrigation system is a complex hydraulic structure. When it is operating correctly you never have to give it a thought. When it malfunctions your landscaping can die off or it may even damage your homes or foundation. Here are some tips to keep your system in top form and prevent water damage to you home.
  1. Test you system one a week for proper function and to make sure no sprinkler or drip heads are out of adjustment or broken.
  2. Check the valves and connections for leaks. Make sure you timer control box if equipped has a back-up battery installed.
  3. Make an irrigation system map and mark all zones. This will help make servicing your system much easier.
  4. Spray the lower three feet of your home with a high quality water proofing product. This can be done with a garden sprayer and will protect your home’s finish from water damage.
  5. Adjust your timer if equipped for seasonal changes to prevent costly over watering. This is especially important in Fullerton homes since each resident pays a sewer service fee based on actual water usage. Fullerton homes on half-acre lots or larger do qualify for a discounted rate after completing an application (click here for application link).
  6. Consider a rain sensor for you system that will automatically turn off all watering when it rains.


  • Rain Gutters – Rain gutters play an important role in protecting you home from water damage. Rain water can be destructive if not diverted and channeled away from your home. Here are just a few problems that may be caused by rain water damage to Fullerton real estate:
    • Erosion around the foundation and landscaping
    • Destabilization of the foundation
    • Damage to siding, exterior doors and door jams
    • Settling and cracking of driveways, walkways, and patios
    • Water stains on walls, retaining walls and doors
    • Moisture in the soil can lead to mold and subterranean termite infestations

Properly installed rain gutters also need to be cleaned and maintained. Clean all debris form the gutters, make sure all parts of the gutter system are properly attached and draining away from your home. If you located in an area prone to high leaves of debris consider installing a leaf screen system to keep leaves and other forms of debris out of you gutters.

Rain Gutter1

Proper Maintenance and upkeep to your Fullerton home will not only prolong its life helping you to save money in the long run, it will also help you yield top dollar when it’s time to sell.

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